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The Advantage of Hiring an Experienced Legal Team

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The Russell & Associates team of defense attorneys is made up of former prosecutors and lawyers from large law firms. Three members of our team began their careers as Massachusetts assistant district attorneys; in addition, our founder Pete Russell also served as an assistant attorney general. If the law was not followed precisely at the time of your arrest, our team will be able to spot that failure and use it for your defense. We provide our clients with insight into the prosecution’s strategies, and have successfully defended clients in more than 300 trials.

Russell & Associates is a law firm that seeks to:

  • Protect your constitutional rights and privileges
  • Keep you out of jail
  • Ensure that your right to a fair trial is protected

OUI/Motor Vehicle Homicide
Being stopped for an OUI is a heart-stopping experience. Being involved in an OUI in which someone is hurt or killed can be a nightmare. Resulting charges may be based on injuries or the fatality of someone in your car or a total stranger in another car. Even before the passage of Melanie’s Law, a fatal drunk driving accident carried severe consequences beyond the death of an innocent individual.

There are two separate charges. One is for the OUI. The other is for negligent motor vehicle homicide. Our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys has handled several motor vehicle and drunk driving homicide cases, both as prosecutors and defense attorneys. We are well-versed in criminal law and can provide skillful representation, possessing insight into the tactics the opposing counsel will use. Our team works with a network of qualified expert witnesses and road construction experts to combine our knowledge and present unique point of view.

When there is a death or injury, the penalties, jail time and other consequences are more severe. An OUI negligent motor vehicle homicide conviction carries a mandatory minimum sentence. Criminal defense attorney Pete Russell has been able to negotiate and avoid jail time for clients convicted of motor vehicle homicide. Whether we gain an acquittal or get OUI charges dropped and improve your chances in dealing with a negligent motor vehicle homicide charge, we fight for the best outcome on your behalf.